Rent arrears

Legal Remedies Available To A Landlord For Late Payment Or Default In Payment Of Rent By A Tenant

One of the most frustrating things for any landlord is dealing with tenants who persistently default in paying rent when it becomes due. Non-payment or late payment of rent amounts to a breach of contract and the law grants a landlord the right to claim and recover any rent amount that is in arrears. The law provides the following legal remedies a landlord may pursue to recover unpaid rent

The Small Claims Court Does Not Have Jurisdiction Over Claim Of Rent

Introduction Conflicts between tenants and landlords are inevitable. The disagreement many times raises issues that more often than not find themselves before seats of justice. In particular, the tenancies that are not controlled. Where then can such conflicts, if and when they arise, be taken to a court of the first instance? That is the single most important question that this paper will delve right...

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