Real Estate Consultancy

Our Real Estate Consultancy provides fully integrated property consultancy services to help clients turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth and long-term advantage. We are often engaged to assist clients with their important property related decisions.

Our specialists are highly experienced property consultants who are familiar with all aspects of the property market. Our clients, who include land owners, investors, developers, buyers or sellers, often require guidance from an independent property adviser, who has a wealth of property knowledge.

At Property Boutique®, by drawing on intricate industry knowledge, long-standing experience and current market trends, our team is qualified to provide bespoke advice to help clients with their property needs.

We provide a wide spectrum of real estate consultancy services including:
  • Assisting investors in identifying properties that meet their investment criteria, and assisting with the negotiation and acquisition;
  • Conducting Due Diligence including undertaking forensic audits and background checks to mitigate risk of fraud;
  • Identifying development sites for developers and investors;
  • Providing advice on the highest and best use outcomes for particular property developments;
  • Assisting land owners with complex negotiations and co-ordination of various experts and consultants;
  • Drafting or review of contracts as well as other property consultants’ agreements;
  • Undertaking Change of user for properties, where necessary;
  • Procuring extension of leasehold titles from national or county governments;
  • Offering Affordable housing consultancies;
  • Undertaking subdivision of properties and processing of titles in the name of the owners or the buyers;
  • Reviewing lease negotiations and terms of lease agreements and explaining how they will affect the landowner’s asset;
  • Assisting property owners with sale negotiations;
  • Reviewing Investment properties and making recommendations on their suitability based on investors’ requirements;
  • Reviewing property portfolio business cases, to identify if an investor or organization’s property portfolio is performing at its most optimum, and making recommendations to improve performance; and
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies and demand studies.

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