Real Estate Investment Advisory

Property Boutique®’s Investments team provides a full service and tailor fitted assistance to individuals, groups, or corporations that are looking to acquire or dispose high net worth real estate properties.

In a competitive real estate sector, a buyer service like Property Boutique® can be essential in:-

  • finding the best value for money;
  • advising on the pros and cons of each location;
  • undertaking due diligence;
  • handling transactions fully on behalf of foreign investors; and
  • supporting and acting on behalf of any purchasers who are reluctant or unavailable to undertake the time-consuming property purchase process in their own capacities.

Due to our extensive experience and unparalleled investment knowledge, we are able to get our clients the hottest deals and strategic real estate acquisitions or investments.

To continue to deliver the best returns to our customers, Property Boutique® is constantly searching for property deals through our connections with lenders, auctioneers and our extensive network of real estate brokers.

Investment Advisory Services


We help you in the sale and purchase of your real estate. In doing so, we help you to make optimal use of every opportunity to create value. Our continuously up-to-date overview of the market, which exploits virtually all possibilities in both residential and commercial sub-sectors, helps you achieve success, irrespective of whether we are representing only your interests or managing the entire transaction process.

Portfolio Analysis

A fundamental aspect of our advisory services involves producing comprehensive property analyses for our clients. We research and highlight the areas in which costs can be cut and the value of a property can be increased, which assets can generate the most income or profits and which management concepts will be successful in the medium to the long term.


We provide assistance in understanding capital requirements and procuring suitable financing. Our years of experience, networks and business relationships permit us to serve as intermediaries between the banks and investors. In this regard, we are able to rely on first-class contacts within the banking community. Our highly specialist knowledge is our strength when it comes to contributing to the creation of value in complex transactions and facilitating suitable financing arrangements.

Advisory Services

We pride ourselves as independent, long-term and strategic advisers in the complex investment businesses involving real estate. We examine the potential of all portfolios within our database offering suitable recommendations and suggestions to enhance management of real estate projects. Our advice is always premised on analysis of the real estate market, location, plot configurations and marketing chances.

Investors’ Service Package:

Our investors’ service package includes:
Initial consultation to determine the appropriate investment strategy and identify opportunities in Kenya’s actual real estate market in the select city or country. This also entails: Advising on the targets and criteria to match the current market; and Analyzing available investable equity and conducting a pre-approval processes to ascertain availability of financing.

Search and presentation of sourced investment properties, analysis relevant criteria including calculation of potentially achievable yields, outlook and estimated appreciation of value. Benchmarking of short-listed properties by implementing our standards.

Finance at optimum conditions through our partnering bank. Prepare personal and property data to receive bank approval for financing before approaching suitable financiers. Outline and advise whether to purchase as a private investor or by implementing a company structure. Support will be available in setting up required special purpose vehicles (SPV) or other structures.

Properties short-listed to be set against further criteria regarding the building’s quality and condition, rental income receivable, risk factors and optimization potential, lease agreement, owner community information, repairs etc. Inspection of properties and checking relevant data.

Negotiate purchase price, other costs incurred and terms related to purchase. Prepare and follow through with a binding reservation on your behalf, if required.

Settlement of acquisition via a selected firm of advocates or advocates of choice. Signing on your behalf by virtue of power of attorney. Advice on all steps and subsequent payment after the execution of an agreement for sale and managing the whole process on your behalf.

Owner’s representation, lease and property Management-Monitor the building’s management, rent adjustments, claim arrears, optimize return, manage rent accounts, organize and coordinate repairs, avoid and resolve problems with tenants etc.

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