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Property Boutique® offers a wide range of real estate services from agency and broking to investment and tax advisory on property management.
1. Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Kenya

Property Boutique® is a leading property agent and broker working in the high-end property market segment in Kenya that delivers unrivalled customer service through the commitment and inspiration of its staff.

2. Property Management Services
Real Estate Kenya

Property Boutique® is a proactive, professional and forward-thinking Estate Management company. We offer fundamental experience in property management and provide comprehensive services related to your investment.

3. Property Development & Joint Ventures
Real Estate Kenya

Joint ventures (meaning an entity formed for co-investment by multiple parties, including general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies) are a common vehicle for providing equity funding for real estate projects.

4. Real Estate Investment Advisory
Real Estate Kenya
We have designed our services to provide turnkey solutions for developers, buyers, sellers, and investors. Our goal is to facilitate a successful and rewarding transactional experience every time by prioritizing our client’s needs and delivering expected results.
5. Real Estate Tax Advisory

At Property Boutique®, real estate tax services are designed to minimize your tax liabilities, maximize planning opportunities and reduce the time spent on managing tax compliance. Therefore, we assist clients in identifying tax saving opportunities by reviewing their portfolio and associated property tax assessments and liabilities.

6. Real Estate Consultancy
Real Estate Kenya

Our Real Estate Consultancy provides fully integrated property consultancy services to help clients turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth and long-term advantage. We are often engaged to assist clients with their important property related decisions.

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