Property Management Services

Property Boutique® is a proactive, professional and forward-thinking Estate Management company. We offer fundamental experience in property management and provide comprehensive services related to your investment.

Profit and life cycle thinking as well as optimization of tenant comfort are the cornerstones of our property management activities.

Our real estate management services cover both commercial and industrial properties as well as residential buildings. We provide professional and diversified property management services for both public and private sectors.

What we do

Here at Property Boutique®, we offer turnkey management services for:

Single-family Homes

This is a full single apartment, townhouses or villa management services for individual owners.

Multi-family Properties

Our terms focus on long-term tenant satisfaction and maximizing income and minimizing expenses.

Commercial and Industrial Properties

These include shopping centers, industrial parks and office buildings.

Our services include contract administration, preparation of business plans, accounting and cost control.

Finding and keeping quality tenants is at the core of our management services ensuring any issues are dealt with in a timely manner alleviating the investor’s worries and concerns.

Our management fees often depend on the type of property you have, and everything we charge is competitive and transparent or unplanned charges.

Our clients include property owners; residents’ management companies (RMCs) and developers.

Management Services

For vacancies, our dedicated rental manager will manage all necessary tasks to ensure the property is rented within the shortest time possible. These includes:-

  • Vacant property listings and marketing;
  • Apartment viewings; and
  • Potential tenant screening
  • Manage existing lease agreements and tenants;
  • Negotiate new lease agreements, extension and renewal of leases;
  • Develop concepts for renting property;
  • Deal and handle incoming requests from potential tenants;
  • Manage furnished rental apartments;
  • Collect rent and enforce claims arising from breach of lease and tenancy agreements;
  • Settlement of claims with insurance companies and third parties in so far as the same concern the property;
  • Manage, hold and pay-out rental deposits;
  • Offer representation at annual or other routine meetings with residents’ association or management;
  • Review, optimize and enforce rent increases within the framework of the Kenyan laws; and
  • Correspond with relevant authorities, lands office, banks, utilities, etc.
  • Collect payments;
  • Manage complimentary escrow bank accounts;
  • Transfer profit into designated local or foreign bank accounts;
  • Calculate regular monthly or annual operating expenses;
  • Provide advisories on all property taxation matters and
  • Prepare relevant documentation for Kenya Revenue Authority’s tax declarations through our certified tax advisor.
  • Contract, coordinate and monitor necessary cleaning, landscaping, repairs and maintenance using specialist companies;
  • Plan maintenance of household appliances, heating plants, electric installations, plumbing or other systems;
  • Coordinate refurbishments, renovations, interior design etc;
  • Record payment transactions; and
  • Continuously monitor structural state of property and advise on necessary repairs.

In property management, our strengths are:

We operate in line with local and international standards and guidelines meaning we have the correct internal procedures and controls in place to effectively manage your property and provide excellent services.
Team Work
We have and will continue to proactively develop new and lasting relationships with relevant professionals, brokers, lenders, insurers and contractors who are recognized for excellence within their chosen fields in order to improve our services offering to our customers.
Cost Effective
While maintaining high standards and efficacy, we understand the need to be cost efficient and minimize costs in the provision of our services.
Packaged Services
We offer packaged services that include: service charge collection, client accounting function, tax advisory services, regular client meetings, site inspections, maintenance and repairs. With respect to commercial property management, we take care of the technical and administrative management of the property, owner services (such as facility leasing) financial management services as well as taxation issues
With professional and experienced staff, we serve the interests of investors and owners while also taking into consideration the tenants’ needs. Our flat management structure empowers staff to take responsibility and act on their own initiative. This means that your requests will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. We also ensure that our property managers and support staff are not overwhelmed to effectively manage your property.
Continuous Improvements
We aim to enhance proactivity and strive for continuous improvement. Our clients and stakeholders are of utmost importance and in efforts to enhance our services, we are open to any suggestions, advice or recommendations in any of our areas of expertise to provide better services.

Our Value Added – Property Management Facilities & Partnerships

1. Modern Property Management Software

We have incorporated a modern property management software, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial businesses. This allows us to undertake invoicing, receipting, accounting, budgeting, facilities maintenance, purchasing, document management and reporting with ease thus enabling us to provide superior solutions and real time services to our clients. The solutions include customizable features, reminders, functions, forms and standard reports.

2. Our Legal Partners

Our organization is in partnership with a well-established law firm that enhances our service delivery by offering convenient and reliable legal support whenever the need arises. Therefore, the property owner or the developer is able to get the following legal services at a concessionary rate:-

  • Drafting and review of leases or tenancy agreements;
  • Debt recovery services – including issuing demand notices and distress for rent for defaulting tenants; and
  • Legal opinions and advisories on various legal issues within the ambit of real estate and property law and all other facets of the law.
3. Network of experienced Contractors and Suppliers

Over the years, we have established a network of major contractors and suppliers who are trustworthy and dependable. Our mutually beneficial relationships enable us to realize substantial savings with regards to price, priority in terms of scheduling and the expectation of high-quality service for all of our property development, maintenance and repair needs.

4. Media and Digital team

We have an in-house digital marketing team that enables us to design and optimize digital marketing initiatives including professional photography, social media marketing, designing of banners or brochures and any other marketing strategies. These digital marketing initiatives also serve to help our clients save on marketing costs; thus maximizing their Return On Investment (ROI).

5. ICT System

Besides a well maintained website, we have a fully functional ICT system that enables sharing of knowledge, information and files amongst our team members.

We also maintain an external back-up system for all data and information with stringent protocols to ensure data protection and confidentiality of our clients’ information and data.

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