The Registration & Licensing of an Airbnb Business In Kenya: What you need to do before listing your Home as an Airbnb

Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has taken the global market by storm. In 2018, a report by the Airbnb platform ranked Nairobi third, among the top cities in Africa with the highest number of listed Airbnb facilities. Currently, Kenya ranks in the top ten most visited and trending tourist destinations in Africa despite the Covid pandemic that disrupted many businesses in the country. In 2021, the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) enacted new regulations on the registration and licensing of Airbnb facilities in Kenya. The regulatory stated that the new regulations were prompted by the dynamic and emerging traveler trends that necessitated different concepts in the local and global spheres.

Construction Approvals in Kenya: Understanding the ABCs 

Unlock the secrets to streamlined construction approvals in Kenya! Dive into the essentials, from building plans to fire safety compliance. Discover key certifications like NEMA, NCA, and public health. Learn about agency synchronization and explore a vision for a centralized approval process. Navigating construction approvals has never been more efficient!

What is the future of Airbnb in Kenya?

Airbnb was formerly referred to as “Air bed and breakfast” and was created in 2008 as a cheaper means of accommodation to the average customer of the hotel industry. It’s an online platform that connects individuals who want to rent out their homes to people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. It currently covers more than 100,000 cities and 220 countries worldwide and justifiably...

Landscaping Activities for Outdoor Spaces in Kenya

Discover the art and impact of landscaping activities, from elevating aesthetics to boosting property values. Dive into the essential laws governing landscaping practices in Kenya, ensuring environmental conservation and sustainable development. Explore how regulations like the Physical and Land Use Planning Act and the Environmental Management Act shape responsible landscaping for a greener, more vibrant future.

Legal Tax Alert: Deduction of the Affordable Housing Levy by Employers

On 26th June 2023, the President assented to law the contentious Finance Bill, 2023 which brought a myriad of changes among them the affordable housing levy. I have used the word contentious because shortly after the Act was assented into law, its legality was challenged at the High Court of Kenya which subsequently suspended the implementation of the Act.

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