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Property Boutique® is a professional full-service real estate brokerage, management and advisory firm that offers progressive and innovative solutions in the real estate market Kenya.

We constantly pursue a culture of high performance guided by professionalism, integrity, respect, teamwork and leadership. With a commitment to excellence, we always strive to add value to our clients and offer them a timely, cost-effective and a stretch service.

These are our current guiding principles and the foundation on which we are built and that we continue to build upon.

The Art of Due Diligence

Navigating the property market in Kenya can be challenging due to fraud, corruption, and land disputes.
This handbook offers crucial insights to empower buyers and investors with effective due diligence processes. By following these guidelines, buyers can confidently invest in real estate, avoiding fraud and financial losses. This promotes trust, confidence, and sustainability in Kenya’s real estate industry.

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