March 2023

Understanding Early or Premature Termination of Leases in Kenya

Leasing of property, whether for residential or commercial use, is a common practice in Kenya. However, situations may arise where a tenant may need to terminate the lease agreement before the expiry of the agreed duration. This could be due to various reasons, such as financial difficulties, changes in personal circumstances, or the need to relocate. Early or premature termination of a lease is not always a straightforward process and it may have legal and financial implications for both the tenant and landlord. In this context, it is essential to understand the legal framework governing lease termination in Kenya and the implications of early or premature terminations for tenants and landlords.

Navigating Unregistered and Unexecuted Leases in Kenya

Leasing property (whether residential or commercial) is a common practice in Kenya. However, understanding unregistered and unexecuted leases can be a challenge for both landlords and tenants. In this article, we will explore the types of leases available in Kenya, the registration requirements for leases, and the legal implications of unregistered and unexecuted leases. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what you need to know when dealing with unregistered and unexecuted leases in Kenya.

The Landlord’s Right to Perform Due Diligence Checks on Tenants and the Tenant’s Right to Privacy: What does the Law provide?

In Kenya, landlords have the right to perform due diligence on potential tenants to ensure that they are suitable and can meet their rental obligations. This involves requesting tenants for their identification documents and performing background checks on them by inquiring about their credit history, sources of income, employment status and references from former landlords. On the other hand, tenants have the right to privacy which involves them issuing consent before their personal information is accessed or processed by a landlord.

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