May 2023

An Analysis Of The Proposed Finance Bill, 2023:The Key Changes and Impact on the Real Estate Sector

On 4th May 2023, the National Treasury tabled the Finance Bill, 2023, to the National Assembly for the first reading. The proposed Finance Bill 2023 introduces a series of significant changes and reforms to the financial landscape of the country. The Bill is a crucial component of the annual budgetary process and outlines the Government's plans for revenue generation, taxation, and fiscal policies.

Differences Between Warranties And Indemnities

In contract law, warranties and indemnities are two common forms of contractual provisions that provide remedies for breach of contract. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences in terms of the extent of liability, the proof required, and the obligations of the parties. Below we discuss the differences between warranties and indemnities in terms of damages, mitigation, disclosure, proof of loss, and the buyer's knowledge of the breach.

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